Seamless Client Intake for Clio

Using Lexicata and Clio together makes the entire client lifecycle easier to manage. Each step of the process, from initial contact, to intake, to invoice, can be handled in the cloud with all the data smoothly transferring between the two systems along the way.

How it Works

1. Track Prospects in Lexicata

No need to clutter up your Clio database with potential clients who may or may not ever hire you. The Lexicata CRM has all the tools you need to manage those leads and follow up with them.

3. Get Intake Documents E-Signed

Getting documents signed always tends to be a bottleneck in the intake process. Make life easier for your clients by using our HelloSign integration to e-sign engagement letters and fee agreements.

2. Collect Information with Lexicata Intake Forms

Build custom intake forms that your clients or staff can fill out online. Sync up each question to a contact field, matter field, or custom field in both Lexicata and Clio.

4. Export Matters to Clio When Hired

No more data entry required to set up contacts and matters in Clio. When the intake process is complete, you can export all the data with a few clicks, including the contact, matter, intake form, and a signed copy of the document.

Want to see it in action?